Standby Generator

Standby Generator

A total of three prime rated diesel generators complete with exhaust systems will be provided. These will be housed in the designated area at the left elevation of the building. These generators will supply full back-up during a power failure or severe voltage fluctuations and will be used as the secondary supply for the building. Primary source of electricity will be from the estate mains supply point.

Exhaust emission and noise levels will be minimised by means of catalytic converters and sound attenuation systems, respectively. Noise levels and exhaust emissions will comply with the relevant by-laws.

The generator sizes and setup are as follows:

  • 3no 500kVA Generators

A 40,000L fuel tank is provided in each instance above, one or both generators will work at any given time, dependent upon the load. The third generator will only operate as a replacement in the case of any of the other two units undergoing regular maintenance or in the case of failure.